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Donating to FACC saves lives. How does money save lives? It allows FACC to fund part time shelter managers to keep the shelter open for adoptions for longer hours than would otherwise be possible. Money provides for veterinary care for sick and injured dogs. And money covers boarding fees for dogs who are waiting to go to rescue groups when space is limited at the shelter.

Before FACC began working with the county facility in 2006, euthanasia rates were high and the number of dogs reclaimed, adopted, or transferred to rescue organizations was low. Since FACC began officially working with the county facility in 2006, these rates have dramatically improved. A comparison of shelter statistics from 2004 and from 2012 shows the following:

  • Euthanasia rates decreased from 54% in 2004 to 8.5% in 2012
  • Rates of dogs reclaimed, adopted, or transferred increased from 44% to over 87%

These rates are considerably better than the average rates of all County facilities in Virginia. On average, over 31% of dogs entering a County facility in Virginia were euthanized in 2012 and only 65% were reclaimed, adopted, or transferred.

Statistics for Virginia’s animal shelters are available on line at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services web site: