There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for community members to become involved and support our furry friends.  Volunteer for one of our committees or apply to become a member a committee. 

Dog Walking – Volunteers are needed to walk and socialize dogs

Animal Care Committee – Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Transport animals to receive medical check-up and/or care (NRV area)
  • Shelter “tuck in” as needed (holidays, days when ACAC staff are unavailable)
  • Meet with and attending behaviorist sessions
  • Assist with obedience & volunteer training
  • Assess and temperament testing of dogs

Foster Program Committee – Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Recruit foster families
  • Point of contact for foster families/homes
  • Home visits for potential foster/adoption families
  • Reference and veterinary verification
  • Assist with veterinary visits for foster dogs
  • Biography and social media advertising
  • Adoption events

Volunteer Committee – Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Maintain a volunteer list and keep volunteers informed of volunteer opportunities
  • Ensure FACC volunteers sign required form(s)
  • Assist with training & management of dog walking
  • Support ACAC Office Staff
  • Assist with recruiting volunteers for events

Fundraising Committee – Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Research and develop ideas/strategies for raising funds to support our mission
  • Recruit community groups to assist with fundraising events.
  • Assist ad-hoc committees for events
  • Coordinate collection drives/donation requests for items needed for shelter and foster animals
  • Assist in maintain a listing of donors
  • Send thank-you notes and tax receipts forms
  • Assist with sponsor and donor relations

Marketing and Outreach Committee – Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Outreach events
  • Assist with ideas that promote the ACAC and foster animals within the community
  • Assist Foster and Volunteer Management Committees with events
  • Assist ACAC with their outreach programs
  • Update social media outlets
  • Develop quarterly digital newsletter
  • Coordinate with Fundraising Committee on marketing items needed to promote events
  • Update and distribute FACC brochure
  • Coordinate with ACAC cat rescue groups on joint outreach events