About Us


Mission:  Montgomery County Friends of Animal Care & Control (FACC) is the 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving and saving the lives of the homeless animals in Montgomery County, Virginia through the Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center by providing financial support, foster homes, dedicated volunteers, community education and outreach.



  1. To provide financial assistance for veterinary and behavioral care to the animals at the Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center (Center) where deemed in the best interest of the animal.
  2. To place animals transferred into the care of FACC into temporary and safe foster homes with financial assistance for veterinary and behavioral care until a FACC approved permanent home is found.
  3. To assist the Center by recruiting and training volunteers on activities that benefit the animals at the Center.
  4. To educate and promote the importance of spaying/neutering animals and to provide financial assistance, when possible, to pet owners who are not able to afford this service.
  5. To develop, implement, and assist the Center with outreach and marketing activities that promote shelter and foster animals within the New River Valley.
  6. To partner and collaborate with other organizations for the betterment of animals.


Vision:  We envision a community where every adoptable companion animal has a permanent and loving home, and pet owners responsibly spay or neuter their animals to end pet overpopulation.


Core Beliefs:

  • We believe all animals have the right to be treated with respect and care.
  • Pets help strengthen families and contribute to the enrichment of human lives.
  • Affordable sterilization, community education and trap/neuter/return are vital programs needed to reduce euthanasia and control the dog and cat population.
  • Humane euthanasia is an acceptable practice and compassionate option to prevent the undue suffering of animals whose quality of life has or will degrade to an inhumane state.

Community volunteers are the backbone of our success and we acknowledge and celebrate their contributions